Friday, July 04, 2008

Back To The Basics

I recently ran across the website, Path to Investing, where:'ll find clear, objective, and practical information that can help you become an educated investor. [The site's] goal is to help you learn about investing, whether you're new to investing, need to find out about investing for retirement, or want to know more about investment topics that are currently in the news...
The site is provided by The SIFMA Foundation for Investor Education. SIFMA, the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association Foundation for Investor Education (SIFMA Foundation) was formed by The Foundation for Investor Education (FIE), The Bond Market Foundation (TBMF), and the New York District Economic Education Foundation.

Path to Investing has a a number of sections that investors may find of interest:
  • Managing Expectations (HTML) (Print Version) by Jeremy Siegel of The Wharton School.
  • Evaluating Risk & Return (HTML) (PDF) by Thomas Dorsey of Dorsey, Wright & Associates
  • Demystifying Stock Research (HTML) (Print Version) by Sam Stovall of Standards & Poor's
SIFMA supports several other investment related sites in addition to Path to Investing:
During these volatile market times, some of the above topics and sites may help in reducing the emotion that sometimes clouds investment decisions.

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