Saturday, December 26, 2015

Our Most Read Blog Articles In 2015

Below are links to some of the most read articles on our blog in 2015. Several of the articles written early in 2015 may continue to have relevance as we approach 2016,
  • the first article below on how to profit from a rise in oil prices.
  • article #10, which highlights issues surrounding a strong U.S. Dollar
  • article #5 on the list detailed issues we believed the market needed to resolve in order to generate strong returns this year. Some of the issues we outlined then, like weakness in high yield bonds, have risen to the top of investors minds as the year is coming to a close.
  • the last article in the list evaluated the significance of the death cross and how the trigger might be most useful in one's decision making process.
Over the course of the next several weeks we will provide a more comprehensive review of 2015, and more importantly, our outlook for 2016 which will also be included in our Winter Investor Letter.
  1. How To Profit From An Increase In Oil Prices When It Occurs (1/29/2015)

  2. A Rising Bearish Wedge Pattern Is Developing In the S&P 500 Index (2/10/2015)

  3. Dividend Paying Stocks Struggling Mightily (5/6/2015)

  4. Additional P/E Multiple Expansion Possible Until The First Fed Rate Hike (3/8/2015)

  5. A Market Needing To Resolve Divergences In 2015 (1/2/2015)

  6. Ed Hyman: Bull Market In Early Stage (1/11/2015)

  7. Bullish Sentiment Declines To Level Last Seen In Early 2013 (3/19/2015)

  8. Mega Cap Stocks Driving Market Returns (12/5/2015)

  9. Shale Oil And Gas Production Projected To Increase In February (1/17/2015)

  10. Dollar Strength Continuing Headwind For Emerging Market Equities (10/6/2015)

  11. Anemic Economic Growth Since The Great Recession And Some Causes (5/11/2015)

  12. Market Advance Not Extraordinary In Terms Of Magnitude And Duration (2/27/2015)

  13. Death Cross More Of A Buy Signal? (9/2/2015)

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