Sunday, January 19, 2014

A Constructive View Of Global Markets In 2014: Ed Hyman And Bill Miller Interview

Consuelo Mack of WealthTrack conducted a two part interview with Ed Hyman, ranked #1 economist for 34 years by Institutional Investor, and Bill Miller that reviewed 2013, but more importantly their outlook on 2014. Just as at the beginning of 2013, Ed Hyman continues to believe we are in an environment that is "pedal to the metal" in equities. He does caution though that 2014 could see a sell in May environment develop this year. Ed also believes the biggest potential surprise in 2014 is another 30+% market return. Ed notes it has been some time that economic growth is occurring globally. Certainly it is not strong growth, but it is not the contractionary environment that was thought to be taking place at the beginning of 2013. Bill Miller comments on investors under allocation to equities and disbelief in the markets moving higher from here. Although investors maybe stating they are constructive on the equity markets, their actions speak otherwise. Both of the below episodes are worthwhile interviews for investors to take the time to watch.

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