Sunday, November 01, 2009

James Grant Interview On WealthTrack: Believes Strong Recovery Ahead

Consuelo Mack of WealthTrack interviews James Grant, Editor of Grant's Interest Rate Observer. By nature, James Grant is a glass is half empty type of person, yet he believes the economy will surprise to the upside and be surprisingly strong.

In the interview, Grant cites a quote from English economist, A.C. Pigou,
"The error of optimism dies in the crisis but in dying it ‘gives birth to an error of pessimism. This new error is born, not an infant, but a giant; for (the) boom has necessarily been a period of strong emotional excitement, and an excited man passes from one form of excitement to another more rapidly than he passes to quiescence.’"
One other noteworthy piece of advice to investors is that Wall Street is not an investors friend. Investors should buy investments not when they feel good, but when they feel the worst about a particular investment.

The interview is a worthwhile one that investors should view.

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