Thursday, November 05, 2009

Bullish Investor Sentiment In Freefall

This week's bullish investor sentiment reported by the American Association of Individual Investors took a dramatic slide to the downside. The bullish sentiment reading fell 11.4 percentage points to 22.22% from last week's reading of 33.65%. This week's reading is the lowest since March 5th's bullishness reading of 18.92%. The bull bear spread widened to -33% compared to last weeks spread of -9%.

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When looking at the 8-period moving average of the sentiment at 37.94%, the decline is not so significant though. In the February-March 2008 time frame, the 8-period average was in the mid 20% range for six weeks. Nonetheless, investors seem to be doubtful of future market advances. As this is a contrary indicator, it is one factor that suggests the market could advance further over the next six months. Today's 200 point or 2% advance on the Dow Jones Index is a good start.

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