Saturday, March 22, 2008

S&P Upgrades Five Stocks to A+

Over the past four months, Standard and Poor's upgraded five stocks to A+. The stocks affected are:

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Standard & Poor's stocks upgraded to A+ March 2008S&P notes:
"In the eight years since the bursting of the technology bubble in March 2000, high-quality stocks (as measured by a proprietary Standard & Poor’s system) have outperformed lower-quality issues. In the last 96 months, high-quality stocks have put up an average monthly gain of 0.4%, while lower-quality issues have gained only 0.3%.

Standard & Poor’s has provided Quality Rankings for stocks since 1956. For performance measurements, S&P considers any stock with a Quality Ranking of A- or above to be high quality."
Top-Quality Stocks ($)
The Outlook
Standard and Poor's
March 26, 2008

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