Friday, December 07, 2007

Investing Success: Stick with a Philosophy that Works

From an investment perspective, investors are faced with a multitude of decisions surrounding the investment style to pursue in their portfolio. Investment success is more likely to occur if one sticks with a proven strategy.

Some aspects of a proven strategy entail:
  • Buying good companies at cheap prices.
  • Following a consistent philosophy
  • Maintaining a sense of perspective and,
  • Following a daily discipline
Ron Muhlenkamp of the mutual fund carrying his name, admits, discipline is the most difficult to achieve. If you have the first two, you see, you have them forever. But daily discipline is a daily battle. Every investor has the urge to bail out when a stock starts tanking. The key is not to. You may still sell, but you want to do so rationally -- and with good evidentiary reasons.


Stock Advice That Will Change Your Life
The Motley Fool
By: Tim Hanson and Brian Richards
November 30, 2007

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