Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Income Oriented Stock Investments Attractive To Senior Investors

Today, Eaton Vance released a survey of financial advisors and senior investors. The survey revealed several interesting findings:
  • ...most seniors now favor a heavy allocation to equities.
  • Over half of seniors express a high level of confidence in the stock market (53% are bullish).
  • A vast majority of seniors (77%) are comfortable with current asset allocations despite recent volatility.
Interestingly, seniors were ask how their view on dividend oriented investments would change if the 15% tax rate on dividends is allowed to expire.
  • Only one in three (34%) senior investors says the reduced tax rate on dividends affected how they have structured their portfolio.
  • If the dividend tax cut is repealed, more than half of investors say they will not adjust their portfolios. Only one in five (18%) says they will invest less in dividend-payers.
Eaton Vance 2007 Polls of Financial Advisors and Senior Investors Unveil Significant Findings (pdf)
Eaton Vance Corp.
Jeanette Harrison-Sullivan
October 24, 2007

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