Saturday, December 10, 2016

Emerging Markets, The Dollar and Interest Rates

This morning I published a few tweets and charts on our Twitter site reviewing emerging market equity performance and the impact US Dollar strength has on emerging market equity performance. Additionally, interest rates influence US Dollar movement and rising interest rates tend to result in a stronger Dollar, all else being equal. Below are those tweets.

I frequently provide market relevant tweets throughout the week so feel free to follow our firm on Twitter @HORANCapitalAdv. At the same time, readers may want to follow our broader firm, HORAN on twitter as well @HORAN1948. For over 65 years HORAN has created plans to control health care costs, protect your wealth and insure your life. But the end game for all that we do at HORAN is more than a set of plans. We believe good health and true wealth create a better quality of life for our clients and their families.

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