Sunday, March 09, 2014

Week Ahead Magazine: March 9, 2014

Monday marks the five year anniversary of the current bull market. The Wall Street Journal reported return facts on this bull market run on Saturday. Highlights from their report:
  • "The Dow Jones Industrial Average has soared 151% since stocks bottomed March 9, 2009, following the financial crisis. That ranks it fifth in gains among the 32 bull markets since 1900."
  • "It also is tied for fifth-longest-running, in trading days, with the one that ended in 2007, according to Ned Davis Research."
  • "If the current stock advance lasts another 16 trading days, it will be the fourth-longest, surpassing the one that ended in 1987."
  • "The Nasdaq Composite Index is up 242%, and the Russell 2000 small-stock index is up 251% in that time. A bull market is commonly defined as a gain of at least 20% from a market low."
This week's magazine contains a few articles that reference the bull market run since the end of the financlial crisis. Also, the magazine contains useful links to artiucles on topics for the coming week.

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