Friday, May 21, 2010

Launching A New Era In Wealth Management

I am pleased to announce the formation of HORAN Capital Advisors (HCA) in conjunction with Mark Bennett, CFA, Nick Reilly, HORAN Associates and Terry Horan.

HORAN Capital Advisors expands on the larger HORAN organization by expanding on HORAN's wealth management services. The combination of HORAN’s well-established wealth management practice combined with the intellectual capital and depth of experience of HORAN Capital Advisors creates a strong resource for individuals, families, and institutions.

HORAN Capital Advisors expands on the value HORAN provides to current clients while advising on over $550 million in assets. HCA extends the expertise of HORAN’s wealth management practice by providing clients with superior market knowledge and a proven, sound approach to investment solutions.

The foundation for HCA was established by Jack Horan in 1948. By satisfying the needs of their clientele for over 60 years, HORAN Associates has grown to become one of the region’s largest privately held financial services companies. HORAN has over 6,500 clients in 40 states while managing diversified products for more than 500 companies and 170,000 individuals.

To learn more about our thinking and approach to managing wealth for individuals and institutions, visit HORAN Capital Advisors' website and the HORAN organization website.

Horan Capital Advisors
Horan Associates

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