Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dividend Growers With Upside Price Appreciation Potential

In the most recent issue of Standard & Poor's weekly Outlook newsletter, they detailed a list of seventeen dividend growers that have upside stock price appreciation potential. The factors that went into constructing the list include companies that:
  • increased their annual dividend at least ten years in a row
  • generated earnings that were 1.5 times what they paid last year
  • potential upside price appreciation of at least 15% based on S&P's 12-month target price
  • a projected 2010 P/E of less than 15
A partial list of the companies that resulted from the screen are detailed below. The full list is available in the Outlook newsletter dated August 19, 2009 ($).

Long interest: ABT, CVX, XOM, FPL, IBM


A Dividend Starting Place ($)
The Outlook Newsletter
By: Howard Silverblatt, Senior Index Analyst
August 19, 2009

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