Wednesday, July 01, 2009

House Closer To Proposing Tax On Stock Trades?

Could it be the U.S. House of Representatives is getting closer to proposing taxes on stock trades? Below is a screen shot from my Sitemeter account detailing a search earlier today. that came from the U.S. House of Representatives. The search phrase was "taxing stock trades." The search landed on one of my earlier articles, Congress Proposing Transaction Tax On Stock Trades, written in early March.

(click to enlarge)

U.S. House of Representatives looking to tax stock trades


Brad Castro said...

The House of Representatives is a scary place regardless of which party controls it.

I suppose there's a good case to be made for not abolishing the House, but sometimes I wonder if we would be better off with a few more senators and no representatives.

You've got maybe 5-10% of the members on either side of the aisle who are actually competent and thoughtful leaders while everyone else is basically trash.

That may sound harsh and inflammatory, but I don't know of a better word - congressional (house) politics is such a sham, regardless of who's in the majority (and let's always hope for slim majorities).

Good post - thanks for riling me up.

Bill G. said...

I worry that we have 4 years of this tax and spend mentality to deal with. God help us all.