Thursday, March 05, 2009

Bearish Sentiment Hits Highest Level Since 1990

This week's American Association of Individual Investors sentiment survey reported the level of individual investor bearishness hit 70.27%. This is the highest bearishness level report by AAII since it began tracking investor sentiment in 1987 when the bearish sentiment reached 67% in 1990. Bullish sentiment feel to 18.92% resulting in a bull/bear spread of -51%.
  • The widest bull/bear spread occurred in 1990 when it reached -54%.
  • This week's bullishness level was reported at 18.92%.
  • The prior low on bullishness was reported in 1990 at 12%.
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If we could get any sort of positive news flow, the market would likely make a significant move to the upside.

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