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Festival of Stocks #72

Welcome to the January 21, 2008 edition of Festival of Stocks. The Festival of Stocks is a weekly blog carnival featuring recent posts by contributing investment blog authors.


The Sun, in the Center at Political Calculations
* Commentary *
The price dividend growth rate ratio will set the pace for what investors can expect from the stock market.

Market Response to Recessions at A Dash of Insight
* Economy *
The most important question for investors and traders is how much of the slowing economy is already reflected in forecasts, earnings projections, and stock prices. If the recession really is underway, hasn't the market already reflected reduced earning potential?


Patrick Byrne “screws up” and the board of directors rewards him at the Fraud Files blog
The Fraud Files blog reviews a recent press release/8-K filed by Fraud Files notes Patrick Byrne, OSTK's CEO, admits poor management performance but the Board gives him options anyway.
Stocks: OSTK

Invest In What You Know at Free Stock Market Investing Tips
If you are going to beat the market, you will need to do something better than most investors out there. This is no easy task. Remember, most money is managed by professionals. To beat the market, you need to know something that most professionals don't know about the stocks you trade.

Increase your Return in the Stock Market at TheWildInvestor
Anybody can make money in the stock market, but can you make 40%+ returns? With some simple guidelines, you too can improve your chances of great returns. Time to Bottom Fish at Smart Investing & Money Management
Strategies to find bargains in a bear market.

How I've beat the S&P 500 five years running and why you should (and should not) be impressed at The Dough Roller
Beating the S&P 500 isn't all its cracked up to be.

How To Learn To Make A Good Investment at Personal Development
Describes the most effective method for learning to invest well.

Market Timing - When is the Best Time to Invest New Money at Physician Entrepreneur
When is the best time to invest in the stock market? Data shows that timing the market is less important than having a systematic investment plan and sticking with it.

All Inverse Exchange Traded Funds at StockWeb
If you are not focused on specific companies and you are bearish with some industry or with some world stock market index you can try inverse ETFs.

Getting Tired Of The Stock Market Volatility at My Wealth Builder
I think the market will continue to be volatile and choppy for an extended period, before it finally has a major decline. Waiting for the capitulation trading day.

Investing – Home Run vs Home Ruin, Micro Cap vs Large Cap at Debt Free
10-Bagger stocks are not found in OTC-BB listings; however, micro-cap stocks may yield some surprising winners.


Baltic Index Down 37% Since Mid November at Bespoke Investment Group
Every once in a while, an economic term or indicator that was previously not widely followed finds its way into the mainstream financial conversation. One indicator du jour is the Baltic Dry Freight Index. Many economists consider the index to be a good leading indicator of economic activity. If not as many people are looking to move cargo, ships will be in less demand, causing a drop in the price that shippers can charge. However, declines in the index do not necessarily mean that a recession is on the horizon.


Top 10 Pages To Read First In Investors Business Daily at Millionaire Neumes
Investor's Business Daily newspaper is packed with information and can be overwhelming to a new user. Here are the 10 pages I always read.


When Is A Lot of Cash A Bad Thing? at Dividends4Life
Shareholders no longer will tolerate companies building large cash reserves as they have in the past.
Stocks: TSR


Campus Stocks - Social Networking for Student Investors at 5 Percent Stocks
Five Percent Stocks establishes new social networking website for student investors. He he notes in his post, "now has come the time for these universities to battle it out on the stock ticker.


AeroGrow Invents New Industry and Continues Growing at Nabloid: Advice From Beyond
Nabloid discusses a potentially up and coming new product sold by Aerogrow. This company company sells indoor gardens to individuals with Aergrow's gardens using an aeroponics process to supply a nutrient solution and water to the plants in this table table indoor garden product.
Stocks: AERO

Reliance Power: An Indian IPO at Living Off Dividends
Why India's largest IPO brings back memories of Enron.
Stocks: RELFF


50 Tools and Resources for Freelancers During Tax Season at Bootstrapper
Estimated payments, deductions, and extra forms is enough to make your head spin. This collection of advice, tools, and resources could ease your stress and get you on the right track for this year’s tax season.


How to Estimate Earnings Growth with Excel at
This post explains how to use an Excel program to evaluating a company's financial statements and forecast future financial results.

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