Wednesday, September 12, 2007

McDonalds Corp. Raises Dividend 50%

After the market close, McDonalds Corp. (MCD) announced a 50% increase in the company's annual dividend. The new annual dividend will be $1.50 versus $1.00 last year. The company pays one dividend during the year in December. The ex-date will be around November 13, 2007.

  • The 5-year historical payout ratio is approximately 34%.
  • The estimated payout ratio on estimated 2007 earnings of $2.85 is approximately 53%. Estimated earnings for 2008 are $3.03.
  • The company carries an S&P Quality Ranking of A.
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Shaun Carter said...

This is funny that this is in the news today, I just watched "Supersize Me" last night and I'm not sure I could stomach an investment, let alone a meal at McDonald's right now!