Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Chicago Business Barometer Surges

Today's release of the Chicago Business Barometer for September jumped 11.2 points to 62.4. This is further evidence of an economy that is rebounding strongly from the virus initiated recession. The release noted, "all five main indicators saw monthly gains in September, with Production and New Orders leading the way."

  • "Production recovered sharply in September, rising by 16.0 points to an almost two-year high.
  • "Output jumped 29.2 points on a quarterly basis in Q3, while Demand gained 11.0 points in September, shifting the New Orders index up to the highest level since November 2018.
  • "In Q3, New Orders saw the greatest uptick, rising by 32.0 points.
  • "Order Backlogs jumped 14.4% in September, while the quarterly index gained 16.7 points to rise to its highest level since Q1 2019.
  • "Inventories climbed to a four-month high in September, although the indicator has been stuck below the 50-mark since May."

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