Sunday, August 23, 2015

Nearly 70% Of S&P 500 Stocks In Correction Or Bear Market Territory

Last week's market pullback did not spare too many equities from the draw down. As of the close on Friday, 30.3% (152 issues) of S&P 500 stocks are now down greater than 20% from their 52-week highs and another 39.0% (196 issues) are down between 10% and 20% from their 52-week highs. In total nearly 70% of stocks are in correction or bear market territory. Below is a table noting this breakdown.

From The Blog of HORAN Capital Advisors

For those investors seeking to deploy cash, below is a table and link to those stocks mentioned above. Some of these stocks are rightfully down due to fundamental business issues. However, with in depth research, some of the equities may offer investors attractive entry points to begin building long equity positions.

From The Blog of HORAN Capital Advisors

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