Sunday, January 04, 2015

Week Ahead Magazine: A Week Of Outlooks For 2015

Much of the focus in this week's magazine are links to various commentaries on the market and economic outlook for 2015. As one considers investment changes, the following quote might be appropriate in guiding potential changes.

“The riskiest moment is when you’re right. That’s when you’re in the most trouble, because you tend to overstay the good decisions. So, in many ways, it’s better not to be so right. That’s what diversification is for. It’s an explicit recognition of ignorance. And I view diversification not only as a survival strategy but as an aggressive strategy, because the next windfall might come from a surprising place.” Peter Bernstein

h/t: A Wealth of Common Sense

Below are a few links not contained in the magazine that readers may find of interest as well.
Following is the link to this week's magazine.

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