Sunday, January 20, 2013

Ed Hyman And Dennis Stattman Part II: Stand Against The Crowd

Last week I posted part one of Consuelo Mack's WealthTrack interview with Ed Hyman of ISI Group and Dennis Stattman of Blackrock. This post features part two of the interview and contains an interesting discussion on market opportunities outside the U.S. Dennis Stattman has a very bullish view on Japan and believes it is a result of the recent landslide victory for the LDP while Ed is bullish on China.

A part of the bullish thesis on Japan is due to the country jumping on board the the monetary easing train that most countries around the globe have bought into of late. Also, Dennis believes Japanese equities are way under owned as investors have given up trying to figure out the bottom of Japan's twenty plus year bear market. One interesting fact noted by Dennis is the average one day combined trading volume of Japan's 100 largest companies is less than the average one day volume of Apple (AAPL). Any incremental new investment flows into Japanese equities would certainly push them higher. The interview is well worth watching as 2013 begins to unfold.

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