Sunday, October 28, 2012

HORAN Begins Financial Planning Blog

A few days ago, HORAN's Director of Financial Planning, Michael Napier, joined the blogosphere by starting HORAN's financial planning blog. As Michael notes in his initial post,

"Everybody blogs. In fact, it is estimated that close to 44 million blogs are created each year. Doing the math, that is nearly one new blog per second! So why am I jumping into the blogosphere? To help you get one step closer to achieving your financial goals in easy-to-understand language.

Two of the biggest challenges facing Americans today are access to great health care and the discipline to sustain wealth management strategies such as making smart decisions about investing and wealth transfer. My focus will primarily be sharing topics I come across on a daily basis to help your financial life. Strategies in tax- savings, estate planning, college savings, budgeting, insurance and retirement will be discussed."
Subsequent to the initial post, he wrote two articles readers will find of interest.

The RSS Feed for all of the HORAN blogs can be found here: HORAN RSS Blog Feed

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