Monday, May 28, 2012

Jason Trennert: The Bill Has Come Due

Jason Trennert is interviewed by Consuelo Mack on this week's WealthTrack. Jason discusses where investors should consider allocating their investments given the uncertainty surrounding the upcoming elections and the so called $537 billion "fiscal cliff" looming large at the end of the year.

The fiscal cliff is in reference to the expiration of the so-called Bush tax cuts, expiration of the payroll tax cut, the implementation of automatic spending cuts and the initiation of additional taxes to support the new healthcare law all beginning in 2013. This fiscal cliff is 3.5% of GDP and would likely have a negative impact on economic growth in the U.S. Additionally, Jason believes high quality dividend paying stocks are like "new sovereigns" given the low level of interest rates on U.S. government debt.

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