Monday, September 12, 2011

HORAN Launches A Blog Focusing On Health.Wealth.Life Issues

Today HORAN Associates, HORAN Capital Advisors' business partner, launched a blog focusing on industry trends and data related to health care and wealth management. The blog, HORAN Health.Wealth.Life, will focus on articles written by HORAN Associates' CEO, Terry Horan, CLU, ChFC, and will focus on two of the greatest challenges Americans are facing today:
  • access to quality, affordable health care; and
  • securing professional counsel to build and sustain wealth for a lifetime
As Terry notes, readers will want to visit the new blog often "to stay informed on the two biggest challenges facing America today? One would certainly be access to great health care for the balance of what will in most cases be a very long life. Two would be making sure individuals and families will have enough accumulated wealth to live out this life with value and meaning. Because life without health is no great life and life without the means to enjoy it, actualize dreams, fulfill wishes and provide for coming generations is no great life either."

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