Saturday, March 03, 2007

Dividend Payers Versus Non-Payers: February 28, 2007

The dividend payers in the S&P 500 Index underperformed the non-payers in the month of February. However, over the trailing 12-month period, the payers have a significant performance edge versus the non-payers, 14.79% versus 8.26%, respectively.

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performance S&P 500 Index dividend payers versus non-payers


MarkM said...


Interesting blog.

Are the dividend aristocrats available as an ETF? Is that what the WisdomTree product is all about?


David Templeton, CFA said...


On November 1st, I published a post noting ETFs that have a dividend focus. The title of the post is: Exchange Traded Funds With A Dividend Focus. The post can be found about halfway down the right side of my blog under the Blog Archive section.

I hope you continue to find my blog of interest.